Prof. Joseph Chacha

prof chachaOn behalf of the conference organising committee, I take this opportunity to bring to your attention the forth coming Maseno University International Research, Science, Technology and Innovation Conference 2020 to be held from 17th to 19th June 2020 at Kisumu Hotel, Maseno University. Maseno has been making efforts to transform into a research university with clear research strategies aimed at creating research niches that would take advantage of its geographical and institutional strengths for societal impact. The University is currently utilising its mandate and mission to make a contribution towards the international, regional and national development agenda. The main goal in all this is to encourage teaching and collaborative research that would be impactful to society through job creation and other poverty reduction initiatives for socio-economic development. Multidisciplinary research with well-defined thematic research areas is being used here as a synergy tool that espouses complementarity from different knowledge and infrastructure sources to achieve the end goal. The value of these team collaborations extends to expansion of the breadth of knowledge and supports mentoring of younger researchers by teams of highly qualified senior professors.

It is against this background that Maseno University will be hosting the international conference on research, science, technology and innovation 2020 under the theme of “Enhancing human development and partnerships through training, research and innovation” and the sub-themes of food and nutrition security, maternal, child health and nutrition and societal dynamics: technology, culture, language and crime. The event is aimed at strengthening the research culture and science among students, emerging scientists and industry across the country and beyond. Cutting edge research outputs will be showcased through presentations and exhibitions by students, young scientists, researchers, policy makers, industry leaders and international key note speakers under the identified sub-themes focusing on important research topics that address the Big 4, Vision 2030 and the SDGs. The conference is also expected to enhance networking between scholars, scientific delegates and young scientists as part of mentorship. Most importantly, it is visualised that conference will provide a forum for delegates from the industry and academia to interact and establish networks for strengthening linkages that would lead to research translation into products, processes and services.

The Office of the DVC PRI which is responsible for research and innovation dissemination and other coordination activities, wishes to welcome you to the conference and urges you to start making early preparations to attend the conference. Besides the technical programme, delegates will be treated to an excursion to explore many of the exciting tourist attractions within Kisumu and the neighbouring Counties such as Siaya and Kakamega. Those with extra time to spare are welcomed to plan for a longer vacation that would take them further into the game parks, where there is a wide range of wildlife including the “big five” and other spectacular features such as the sandy beaches of our coastal towns.